Wie is Lizzie O’Keefe


Een dynamische vocale kunstenaar. Een innovatieve performer uit Australië die vanaf jonge leeftijd opgroeide met Jazz. Na haar klassieke training heeft ze een uniek repertoire ontwikkeld met een brede vocale range met een diep en indringend geluid. Lizzie gedijt bij improvisatie en werkt vanuit een breed repertoire met een diversiteit aan ontwikkelde zangstijlen.

Lizzie O’Keefe – Bio

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Lizzie O’Keefe is a dynamic and commanding vocal artist and a versatile, innovative performer, based on the Sunshine Coat, Australia. Studying classical and jazz from an early age, Lizzie has developed a completely unique signature style with a wide vocal range, strong improvisational skills and enjoys experimenting with many different styles. Her sound has been described as haunting and beautiful in the same sentence.

Her most recent project ‘Dangerous Song’ is a collaboration with a well known Australian musician, Linsey Pollak. Dangerous Song combines the sounds of endangered and extinct animal calls with the human voice. It evokes an emotional connection and response to the sometimes “hard to swallow” facts about the current Sixth Extinction Crisis, inspiring understanding, love and hopefully action. They have also created two multimedia works: ‘Dangerous Song – black’ and ‘Dangerous Song – blue’, both these hour performances use imagery, which is projected onto a scrim that surrounds both performers. Their latest work ‘Dangerous Song – blue’ uses the most incredible underwater cinematography by David Hannan of Ocean Ark Alliance and pays homage to our ocean. They were awarded a RADF grant in 2016 which allowed them record and release their first ‘Dangerous Song – black album’ and plan to release ‘Dangerous Song – blue’ in December 2017. Dangerous Song is currently touring nationally and internationally, having already performed at Woodford Folk Festival (QLD), Festival of Colours (NZ), Festival of Voices (TAS) and Horizon Festival (SC) to name but a few.

During this past year, Lizzie has been fortunate to collaborate with the likes of William Close and the Earth Harp Collective (USA) at the Horizon Festival on the Sunshine Coast; Ben Walsh (The Bird, Orchestra of the Underground, Circle of Rhythm); and Nadia Sunde.
Lizzie is also developing a solo looping project under the moniker ‘Lila’. This project will give you an insight into who Lizzie is and the journey that she has been on with the intent for the listener to be able to tap into their own heart and reflect on their own experiences.

Previously Lizzie lived and performed in the UK and Indonesia. During this time she recorded with the Mitchell and Dewbury Band (Brighton), Jazzanova (Berlin), Razoof (Cologne) and Drumagick (Brazil). Whilst living in Indonesia she formed the duo Paramitsha, releasing a self-titled EP in 2013. The project pulled on many strains of world music, from flamenco, Arabic and jazz to folk and classical.
After returning to Australia she released her debut solo EP Leaden Heart, in mid 2014, with the title track making her a finalist in the jazz category for the 2015 Queensland Music Awards.

Lizzy bij Metaal Kathedraal

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