Turn Camp | The art of Change

Het weekend van 19 en 20 mei 2018 is Metaal Kathedraal het domein van “Turn Camp | The Art of Change”. Informatie en tickets verlopen via de organisatie van Turn Camp.

Op zondag 20 mei zijn er bij Metaal Kathedraal nog meer activiteiten om aan deel te nemen. Zo is er een kruidenworkshop en CineMekka; de popup bioscoop van Metaal Kathedraal. We vertonen de film ‘Tomorrow’ en sluiten af met een overheerlijke maaltijd bereid door de thuiskoks van Tantes Maal.

Info Turn Camp

Onderstaande info is afkomstig van de organisatie Turn Camp:

In a 2 day retreat, we’ll experience the use of artistic research to develop visionary and believable scenarios for a sustainable world.

In a creative and active process, we create 100 commitments to concrete, practical ideas that connect art-thinking with the societal challenges of today.

We explore the conditions that we need to break out of our professional silos and create unusual connections
and constructive collaborations.

Together, we lay the foundation for a movement of visionary, creative change makers.

The Turn Camp will take place at a former metal factory in a phenomenal and unique church building. Metaal Kathedraal is an inspiring ecological cultural breeding ground.

With contributions from:
Lucas Dols
Martijn Engelbregt
Klaas Burger
Rikko Voorberg
Moulsari Jain

More to be announced. Follow the Facebook Event to receive updates.

Normal tickets €150,- (123,96 ex btw)
Student tickets €99,- (limited amount available!)

For this price you will get lunch, diner, breakfast, coffee, tea, water, lectures, workshops, a place to sleep in the cathedral, the opportunity to meet professionals and share your dreams and ideas in an inspiring environment.

Cinemekka. This is an extra option for those who wish to stay a little bit longer! This gives access to the movie screening on Sunday the 20th of May at 16:30 in the top floor of the cathedral. Together we will watch ‘Demain’ a movie about ‘showing solutions’, perhaps the best way to solve the ecological, economical and social crises that our countries are going through. €5,- for Turn Camp visitors.

Camp bed. This is an extra option for those who do not like to sleep on an airbed or sleeping mat. If you add this to your ticket we will make sure there is a camp bed available for you on site. All you need to do now is bring a sleepingbag!

The Metaal Kathedraal is best explained as a cultural, independent breeding place:
– A warm nest, which offers security and growth
– A place where favorable circumstances dominate, advancing the growth of micro-organisms.
– An optimal breeding ground for cross-pollination to flourish talent, innovation and artistry, to realize dreams and share them with a great audience.

We hope to meet you there!

buy tickets: https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/tickets/event/turn-camp-the-art-of-change

read more: https://turnclub.org/turn-camp-19-en-20-mei-2018/