Workshop: Kleine Kachel met complete verbranding Pyrolyse 1

Artist in residence: Chris Hoyer NL/DE/IT

Chris Hoyer deelt een maand lang zijn kennis door tal van workshops te geven bij Metaal Kathedraal. Samen gaan we ecologische- en permacultuurtechnieken toepassen voor een off grid village en voedselbos.


Kleine pyrolyse-brander

Wil je weten hoe je efficient hitte genereerd en complete verbranding realiseert? Dan kan met de workshop Pyrolyse. Een stoere workshop waarbij je de gehele dag kennis vergaart en na afloop met een eigen gebouwde pyrolysebrander naar huis gaat! En dat je ook nog weet hoe je deze brander veilig kan gebruiken.

Kosten materiaal: € 35,- p.p.
Kosten workshop : € 64,- + € 35,- = € 99,-
Minimaal aantal deelnemers: 5. Maximaal 20



Small pyrolysis-burner

Do you want to know how to build, use and maintain a pyrolysis burner? After this workshop you will have the knowledge and a self-made burner to take home!

It’s one of the efficient ways to gain heat from wood known to humanity. It utilizes only 25- 35% of the wood that an open fire would! This alone would already make it great but it gets better: the flame is smokeless! Moreover, CO2 is not released into the atmosphere. Nevertheless, it gets even better: what remains after the burning is good quality of coal that has a wide range of utilization possibilities. The Coal will be a very important ingredient for the workshops on water-filtering, so if you’re interested don’t miss this one. Other uses for the coal is the production of “Terra Preta” (a super-fertile soil with thousands of years of heritage), the production of colors and coatings, Skin beauty-creams, …

This workshop is also a great opportunity to learn the basics of how to use some powerful electrical and mechanical tools. You will drill holes in metal; you will do a little welding and some grinding/sanding. If you’re a beginner to this then this will greatly boost your skills and confidence. If you’re already an expert with these tools, then this is a good chance to help you fellow participants.

Learning Objective for the participants:
In one day the participant will learn how to build, maintain and use a simple jet efficient, cheap and light pyrolysis-burner that ideal for camping or heating a small room while cooking a small meal. The participants will build first had their own burner from scratch out of the materials and professional tools that we make available to them.

As some of the participants have had little chance in their life to use strong electrical and mechanical tools, this workshop will also teach how to these them. These will be used by the participants under assistance but will be a great learning experience that greatly boosts the confidence of beginners.
They will also learn the basics of what to do with the output material, and of its many purposes

Material Costs: € 35,–p.p.
Workshop price: € 64,– + € 35,– = € 99,–
Minimal number of participants: 5. Maximal 20

Workshop output to take home:
Their self-made pyrolysis-burner, including 1 burning load of pallets and a small glass of alcohol (for an easy, fast and not smelly start of the fire)

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