The Metaal Kathedraal is an independent artspace. Only by fate artists met this unique historic building. For 4 years we worked while it rained inside.  Loans were found, the building saved and now the artist space is here to stay. The name refers to its history. Once is was a catholic church. Then a factory. Now it is the house of culture with a rich soil, landscape and unique building to inspire many to make dreams come true.

There are over 15 artist studio’s, theaterspace, year round programming. Keep your eye out for open calls to apply.

We also have 2  artist in residence spaces of which you are very welcome to apply. Send us your Cv and motivation. Or if you need to stay in Utrecht for other arts projects and you need space, let us know.

Adres:  Rijksstraatweg 20, 3545 NA, Utrecht.